gets a configparser object to build from

Calling this function will simply return an empty ConfigParser object to build out ini data manually. This function currently has no parameters.

maci.inibuildmanual -> ConfigParser

Example getting configparser object and building out ini data

data = maci.inibuildmanual()

data['section1'] = {'key1': 1}
data['section2'] = {'key2': 2}

In this example, we created a new empty ConfigParser object and assigned it to a variable, then created new sections names with key/value pair data.

Values can be anything, but when they are dumped to a file and loaded back in, they will be loaded as a string type in their string representation (See iniload)

Note: If your sub-value contains a NoneType, the underlying library does not support None. See inibuildauto if you want any NoneTypes to be auto-converted to strings, or simply remove or replace the None values with default values.

This function uses the native configparser library shipped with the python standard library for its underlying functionality. For more information on the configparser library, visit:

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