loads yaml data from a file

loading a file

Loads yaml file data, and returns the corresponding python data type.

maci.yamlload -> Any

Basic Example of loading a yaml file using default positional parameter

data = maci.yamlload('mydata.yml')

In this example, we simply load yaml data from a file using the yamlload function and pass a string of the filepath to the file as an argument to the function to load the yaml data, and assign the returned data to a variable. Note: This function loads a single yaml document in the file. If looking to load multiple yaml documents from a file, use the yamlloadall function.

parameters & arguments

Describes all parameter functionality and accepted data types

filename: str | Path

First and only required positional argument. Accepts strings and Path objects

Use this parameter to point to your filepath

encoding: str | None

Optional parameter. Accepts strings or None. Default = None

Use this parameter to load the data with the desired codec of the encoded data if needed. The default uses the default of python, so you don't have to use this, but you can if the data is using a specific codec.

This function uses the PyYAML framework installed as a dependency from pypi for its underlying functionality. It is only using the "safe_load" method to protect from untrusted input. For more information on PyYAML, visit:

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