hard lock an attribute name

Hard Locks an attribute name from reassignment. Nothing is returned. Attribute names that are hard-locked cannot be reassigned to a new value, unlocked, or deleted. If there is an attempt to reassign, unlock, or delete an attribute name that is currently hard-locked, an exception will be thrown. Attribute names must already exist to hard lock them.

The unlock_attr method does not evaluate the hard-locked attribute names at all and will throw an exception stating the name does not exist in lock.

You cannot have an attribute name hard-locked and locked simultaneously. Only one lock type can be used on an attribute name at a time.

Basic Example of hard-locking a name using default positional parameter


In this example, we simply hard-lock an attribute name that already exists in the MaciDataObj using the hard_lock_attr method and pass a string of the attribute name as an argument to the method to hard-lock the name.

partner methods

Methods that provide related utility to this method

get_hard_locked_list -> View all the current hard-locked attribute names

parameters & arguments

Describes all parameter functionality and accepted data types

attr_name: str

First and only required positional argument. Accepts strings

Use this parameter to pick attribute name to hard-lock

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