unlock an attribute name

Unlocks an attribute name that is currently locked. Nothing is returned.

Any attribute name that is currently locked from reassignment (See lock_attr) only can be unlocked using this method, which reinstates the ability to reassign that attribute name to new values again.

Unlocking an attribute name will only affect the general lock (See lock_attr).

Basic Example of unlocking a name using default positional parameter


In this example, we simply unlock an attribute name that already exists in the MaciDataObj and is also currently present in the lock list by passing a string of the attribute name as an argument to the unlock_attr method to unlock the name.

partner methods

Methods that provide related utility to this method

lock_attr -> Lock an attribute name get_locked_list -> View all the currently locked attribute names

parameters & arguments

Describes all parameter functionality and accepted data types

attr_name: str

First and only required positional argument. Accepts strings

Use this parameter to pick attribute name to unlock

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