loads toml data from a string

loading a string

Loads toml string data, and returns a dictionary.

maci.tomlloadstr -> dict[str, Any]

Basic Example of loading a toml string using default positional parameter

data = maci.tomlloadstr('key1 = "value1" \nkey2 = "value2"')

In this example, we simply load toml data from a string using the tomlloadstr function and pass a string as an argument to the function to load the toml data, and assign the returned data to a variable.

parameters & arguments

Describes all parameter functionality and accepted data types

toml_str_data: str

First and only required positional argument. Accepts strings

Use this parameter to pass in your toml formatted string data

This function uses the tomli library installed as a dependency from pypi for its underlying functionality. For more information on tomli, visit:

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